man in black shirt and jeans on leather couch with headache

When you have tension headaches, you know how difficult it can be to accomplish your daily tasks.

These headaches can be even more troublesome if you have a family emergency, big project, or day packed full of errands. You can visit a doctor, practice meditation, and take medicines to find relief. Did you know that massage therapy can also help get rid of tension headaches?

What exactly is a tension headache?

This type of headache is quite common and you have likely had a few in your life. The Mayo Clinic describes tension headaches as a “diffuse, mild to moderate pain in your head…” and there are few known causes. Some causes include stress, iron deficiency, and fatigue. The pain can be compared to having a tight band around your head and can happen infrequently or chronically.

It is important to know whether your tension headaches are chronic or episodic. Chronic headaches are those that occur fifteen or more times per month over a period of three months. If you have episodic tension headaches, you can get away with using medication to treat them. But, if you have chronic headaches, using any medications long-term can be harmful to your body.

Can massage really help with my tension headaches?

Getting rid of and treating the symptoms of your headaches may require medications, lifestyle changes, and even alternative treatments like massage. By focusing on specific muscles, like those in the neck and shoulders, tension headaches can be reduced. This is done when the muscles are relaxed and lengthened.

How often should I get massages for my tension headaches?

There is no one answer to this question. The amount of time you wait between massages will depend on your preferences and your needs. If you have chronic tension headaches, you should consider getting more frequent massage therapy. You can speak with your doctor and massage therapist to ensure you are getting the right treatment at the right frequency.

Tips for taking care of your health between massages

If your doctor says you can, you should consider massage therapy as part of your treatment for tension headaches. Here are some tips that can help you take care of your health between massages and at any point.

  • Drink plenty of water: Doing this can keep your whole body hydrated, including your muscles and tissues.
  • Meditate or relax in other ways: You need to focus on keeping yourself relaxed, especially right after a massage. The more stressed you are, the tenser your muscles will be. This will contribute to your headaches.
  • Stretch: You should stretch as often as possible, especially your back, neck, and limb muscles. This will help you keep them lengthened between massages.

Want to learn more about massage therapy?

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