massage therapy benefits

It may sound like the opposite of what a relaxing massage should do for you, but it can help you feel better and even more energetic.

Although this therapy doesn’t directly increase energy levels, it does reduce fatigue and other symptoms that sap your energy. The following details how a few types of massage therapy can help you feel healthier.

Swedish and deep tissue massage therapies

Swedish massage therapy is characterized by therapists using long, gentle movements to relax muscles and increase circulation. Deep tissue therapy uses motions like cross-fiber friction to lengthen and stretch the muscles. Both types of this therapy offer similar benefits but to different degrees.

Swedish massage provides more pain reduction, sleep improvement, and stress reduction. Deep tissue massage reduces muscle pain by focusing on tension. You can ask your therapist to use a combination of the two styles to get the most benefits. If you get this therapy regularly, you can see the benefits even more.

Sports massage

This type of massage therapy helps muscles recover faster after exercise. The therapist will use a combination of techniques like ischemic compression and Swedish strokes to reduce soreness and facilitate healing. The movements flush lactic acid, increase circulation, and bring more oxygen to the tissues.

How massage therapy helps you feel more energetic

As stated above, this therapy does not directly increase your energy levels. But, the benefits of getting massages can help you feel less fatigued. Here are some ways that this happens. Remember, it is important to pair a healthy lifestyle and diet with any treatments you receive, including traditional and alternative.

  • Massage therapy reduces pain, which can help you feel better physically and emotionally.
  • This therapy can help you go to sleep and stay asleep better, which leaves you feeling more rested.
  • Studies have shown that regular massage therapy can help decrease symptoms of stress and depression.
  • Massage therapy can help reduce symptoms of chronic health conditions like migraines, fibromyalgia, sciatica, digestive disorders, restless leg syndrome, and more.
  • This therapy helps you feel better overall, which can leave you feeling more energized and ready for everything you need to do.

Massage therapy in Austin, Texas

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